Hi everyone!

I'm glad you are dedicating some of your time to go through my BLOG.
I came up with the idea to create this blog just because of a simple fact that is: I LOVE blogging.
I tried it several times before, bringing different main topics each time, but it didn't seem to attract many people though.
I don't know if it is due to the content or it is just my Luckk. I just shut the blog down and try a new one.

Anyway, about a year ago I was looking up *how to get an athletic body* and some related terms in Google, I used to read many pages online in order to get the best exercises and routines to get the body I've always wanted to, not that too muscular and bulky body, just a lean body.

Then I discovered some kind of training called Circuit training or Bodyweight Circuit Training.
The basic of this routine is to combine several exercises and actually do them with no rest between each one; and depending on your level of fitness, you can increase or decrease the number of reps, exercices and rests between each combination of exercises(CIRCUIT).

Why I thought This typical training is great to get an athletic body is because I read it burns fat and tones muscles simultaneously. Once I tried a program I've picked randomly from a website, It's beaten the hell out of me, I was sweating like on a sweltering day; I actually couldn't keep up with the circuit.

What I realized is in order to stick to this type of training you have to design and make your very own programs considering what you're capable of, the available time you have and your goal to achieve.

I've tried circuit training before and I had really satisfying results, but due to some circumstances I quit; quitting is the term the most inacceptable in achieving your goals.

In this blog I will be restarting from point Zero. I'm going to make programs to stick to and you'll be up-dated with every single practicing session I make, posting pictures of my pregression each 15 days.
I hope you're going to have fun and let me hear your every comment and critic, suggestion and point of view.

I bet you will like the idea as soon as you see the results and try to make a move and begin to build that body you've always dreamed of.

Cristiano Ronaldo's body for example, look at those obliques maan!!

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