Today I kept the same circuit as the first time and I tried to increase reps in most of the exercises.
It was like this:

  1. JOGGING - 17 minutes with switching from a jogging speed to top speed several times and for a certain  distance you choose.
  2. JUMPING JACKS - 30 reps
  3. PUSH-UPS - 20 reps
  4. CRUNCHES - 40 reps
  5. SQUATS - 25 reps
  6. JACK KNIVES - 15 reps
  7. LUNGES - 15 reps each leg

After I finished I had a rest of 2 minutes and though I would be able to repeat the circuit one more time, but I was dead man!!

The next session, the challenge would be to perform this circuit 2 times.
I would love you guys to give it a try and tell me how you did.

Feel free to comment and stay tuned.

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